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Leadership Programme

Leading the aviation industry into a 'VUCA' future.

The challenge

Reacting to disruption in the aviation sector, our client asked us to develop a way to energise leaders to think more innovatively. In addition, through our research we identified a culture of siloed thinking and a need to garner the support of the executive team.

Outcomes and results

Our work helped to introduce a new mindset among leaders, and our work became the benchmark for future learning and development programmes at the organisation.

What we did

We worked with the client and key stakeholders over several workshops to design an end-to-end innovation programme. It was built around the concept of Design Thinking and culminated in a pitch by each team to the executive team members and local innovation experts.

“Whenever we were designing a learning program it was focused on being clear about the learner experience. From there we have been able to design some great learning experiences which deliver real tangible value to the business”

Director of Learning and Development

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