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Designing and Deploying a World-Class Day One Experience on Degreed for Novo Nordisk

Solvd Together support Novo Nordisk to launch the Learning Experience Platform (“LXP”) Degreed, and enable the internal learning team to carry the torch of human-centred design applied to L&D.

The challenge

Degreed is an excellent platform for providing personalised content to learners via a simple user-interface. In order for it to be effective and adopted however, it’s essential that Degreed is managed based on good design principles. Novo Nordisk needed the help of Solvd Together to get ready for launch, drive adoption and train the internal L&D team to drive its continued success.

The outcome

Degreed has become the primary tool for delivering digital learning and professional development and is being used as an example of best practice implementation internally at Novo Nordisk.

The Lasting Impact

  • 70% adoption across employee target audience.
  • 90% of the traffic comes from existing users   
  • 400,000 learning items completed in the last year.
  • 7,000 items shared between colleagues.

There were two phases of the project, before and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In phase one Solvd Together supported four pilot areas to test Degreed as a concept. This included technical consulting, preparing toolkits for content developers, designing a great ‘day-one’ experience, advising on deployment strategy and coaching stakeholders to think about learning in a different way.

Before COVID-19 hit the team had settled into a steady agile rhythm – the project being run with two-week sprints and a comfortable workload. This changed overnight. The lockdown, first in Denmark and then in the UK, brought digital learning into sharper focus. The implementation of Degreed was stepped up and the launch window for the pilot with 2,000 users in Denmark became a global launch in a three-week time-frame.

​This new phase of work brought additional challenges and responsibilities as Solvd were asked to take the lead in quickly upskilling learning professionals to use Degreed, curating external and partner content to publish on the platform, and developing a communications campaign and support network to engage Novo Nordisk's employees. The team also assisted Novo Nordisk to develop COVID-19 guidance and learning plans to help staff adapt to new ways of working.

Finally, with increased awareness came increased interest, anxiety and curiosity. As part of the Digital Learning team, Solvd Together became the go-to experts for all things LXP, LMS and learning more generally. As part of the support offered, the team offered a 5Di programme designed to upskill the internal L&D organisation to lead the change required in the business.

Other projects

Since the launch of Degreed at Novo, we have also worked closely with the learning organisation, supporting on content creation for flagship products. This includes.

  1. Core and Advanced Learning Toolkits (Degreed design skills for content creators)
  2. Welcome to Degreed (introduction to Degreed for all employees)
  3. The Degreed Manager's toolkit (introduction to the role of managers supporting their teams via Degreed)
  4. The Novo Nordisk Collection (key skills for employees across the organisation)
  5. The NN Way (showcasing the Nordisk Way Essentials and Behaviours)
  6. GMAX and Circular for Zero (flagship programmes around commercial leadership, growth and sustainability)

Peter Riber, Head of Digital at Novo Nordisk

In Summary

Solvd Together’s expertise and collaborative working approach has made them a trusted partner in learning technology, capability development and solution design. Novo Nordisk were setup for success to manage Degreed which has delivered global shift in the way digital learning is perceived. What’s more, Solvd Together’s support of the internal learning team has enabled them to become a high performing organisation with the experience to address any challenges. 

What we did

  • Technology assessment and selection.
  • Degreed consultancy.
  • Technology infrastructure consultancy.
  • Content development.
  • Solution design.
  • Communications design and execution.
  • Graphic design.
  • Film-production.

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