Research and Strategy

We get under the skin of problems by looking both outside and in. Our recommendations are based on data, not on guesswork or convention.

Research and Strategy

Research and Strategy

We always keep in mind that our assumptions might not be correct. So, we have an open mind when we lead and support our clients to research problems and offer alternatives to their current approaches.

Our expertise in performance consulting, human-centred design, and product development, combined with our extensive knowledge of leadership development, performance management, induction, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, allows us to conduct research efficiently and effectively.

Internal focus groups, interviews, and shadowing

We explore the challenges and concerns of your business leaders and target audience surfacing the blockers to individual and your organisation’s potential. 

  • Focus groups, interviews and other data gathering provides internal insights
  • The challenges guide us in where, when, and how to provide meaningful and relevant experiences, resources, and campaigns.​

External research and benchmarking

Many organisations are too insular. Solvd Together brings an external perspective, and we facilitate your learning from comparable organisation’s successes and failures. 

  • External research and benchmarking can help you with where to aim, and, what to avoid. 
  • We find that senior stakeholders are nosy, and external benchmarking can really drive awareness and internal support for a learning and performance programme.

Report and dashboard writing

A good report or dashboard that beautifully presents compelling data, backed up by internal and external research, can move even the most senior people in your organisation. 

  • Our end-to-end design experience means we can articulate the challenges and case for change in ways that motivate and inspire your stakeholders.
  • In an industry bereft of rich data, Personas are a popular way for learning and development teams to empathise with their target audience. These help with solution design, or as tools for analysing roles, skills, and talent etc.

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