Learning Technology 

We can help you select, develop or implement learning tech that is an aid not a hinderance.

We can help you select, develop or implement a best-fit learning technology solution for your business challenges and audience needs.

Consult with your business stakeholders and learners to define your technology requirements and support with vendor selection.

Tailor your technical integration to meet your specific organisational objectives.

Provide end-to-end support, guidance and training to your team throughout implementation.

Take a design thinking approach to planning your platform rollout so business challenges and audience needs are being met.

Selecting the right learning technology solution

Selecting learning technology 

Our years of experience building and implementing learning platforms has shown us that businesses often have unique requirements, meaning there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Your

At Solvd Together, we start by working with your users, learning functions, comms and IT teams to gather the requirements from everybody who should have a say. We then survey the market and arrange RFPs with only the best suited vendors. 

Develop bespoke solutions

We have experience designing and developing bespoke technology solutions for clients, tailored to the specific audience needs and to bring success meeting your unique business challenges.

Whether you need a learning portal, app, intranet site or chatbot, Solvd Together make the development process simple and easy, while taking a user-centred design approach to ensure any solution has a measurable impact.

Learning technology implementation

We provide end-to-end support with all aspects of your technology implementation.


Solvd can help to integrate any solution into your existing technology infrastructure, provide toolkits to support your team managing the platform and its content, and support with the design and development of learning resources, programmes and experiences.

Supporting Novozymes with their learning tech selection

Find out how we helped Novozymes to select and implement learning experience platform Degreed, provided training and resources to help their team get their most out of it.

How we can help you

Selecting learning technology

Consult with your business stakeholders, learning delivery teams and learning audiences to establish a clear list of requirements.

Survey the market to identify suitable vendors and solutions that meet your needs.

Support with RFPs and tenders to ensure you receive the right insights, and integration challenges and risks before committing.


Work with internal stakeholders to support setup and integration.

Need help selecting a learning technology solution?

Develop bespoke solutions

Create a bespoke development brief following a consultation on your business needs and requirements.

Conduct focus groups and audience research to understand the learning challenges and needs of your people.

Collaborate with development vendors to build a bespoke solution.

Implement a pilot to gather feedback and insights so we can adapt and iterate the solution before scaling up  to a full rollout.

Need help developing a bespoke learning solution?

Learning technology implementation and rollout

Consult with key business stakeholders and audience to ensure rollout addresses your business needs and challenges.

Work with your vendors and internal experts to integrate and connect your solution with your existing IT and HR systems.

Support with migration, repurposing and creation of learning resources and content, and managing internal social media and communictations engagements.

Technology won't solve anything on its own, so we also help our clients develop the capabilities needed to develop the best content or programs in their new technology.


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