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How to drive adoption of the Degreed platform

The Project

Novozymes is a global biotechnology company headquartered near Copenhagen, Denmark. The company's focus is the research, development and production of industrial enzymes, microorganisms, and biopharmaceutical ingredients. Our client, Head of Learning Lars Stenious Stær, contacted us to support his team in rolling out a pilot of the Degreed LXP.


We prepared the team for a number of flagship pilot programmes which were launched in May 2020. We engaged senior leaders and the target audience to help them gain the most from the platform. Upon launch, regional subject matters were ready to start generating content for their local teams and the platform was adopted by around 1000 users. 

Feedback from Lars and Dorte

“We have been extremely happy to have you guys on board, I really don’t believe we could have done the project without you. Firstly, you brought in a lot of expertise about learning platforms and technology, and how to implement a platform like Degreed in an organisation like ours. You supported us extremely well in a wide variety of tasks, like scoping, technical integrations, stakeholder management, training learning developers, planning, and handing it all back to our team. You were also always very proactive in flagging and highlighting risks that we hadn’t seen ourselves.”

~ Lars Stenious Stær, Head of Learning

“You were great at creating clarity and providing realistic guidance based on the resources we could put into the project. You helped translate the “Degreed language” making it relevant for Novozymes. Your training of our team in how we engage our stakeholders was also key to our success”.

~ Dorte Tang Henriksen, Leadership & Talent Consultant​

What we did

We initially got involved in the project in November 2019. This was before the Degreed platform was chosen for the pilot. At this stage, we ran two workshops aimed at helping the team consider how a new platform could help the organisation reach its learning strategic goals. We also looked at the practical aspects, such as which integrations would be required for the platform to work with the organisation’s other technology, and what the training and development needs would be for the people in the organisation.


From experience, we knew that in the eyes of the users, a new platform is only be as good as the content it provides access to, so in January we started to work with a broader group of stakeholders on defining which pilot project should be developed for the launch. In doing this, we taught the target audience about learning and experience design at the same time as introducing the Degreed platform.


The areas we worked with included Sales, Leadership, and Research and Technology. We also developed toolkits of performance support for content developers, ‘day-one’ onboarding for all platform users and supported the integration of internal and external content libraries.

Support areas we provided for the client​

  • Degreed implementation and support

  • 5Di consultancy, audience research and CTR analysis

  • L&D development (central and distributed teams)

  • Learning marketing strategy.

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