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7 ways to do digital assessment​

Assessment is perhaps a necessary evil when it comes to learning and development. In this article we explore the options when having an expert reviewing work isn't possible.

17 June 2021 | By Stephanie Dedhar

What makes great virtual experiences 

Based on our recent experiences, here are Solvd Together's recommendations for designing engaging online experiences that are (actually) loved by the participants.

06 May 2021 | By Stephanie Dedhar

Putting the principles of learning design into practice

Earlier this month, Nick Shackleton-Jones shared a one-page summary of the principles of learning design explored in his book How People Learn. Here’s how to start putting them into practice.

21st April 2021 | By Stephanie Dedhar

Handy guide to L&D stakeholder conversations

When a stakeholder comes to you asking for a course with a deadline of ‘yesterday’, here are some things you can say. The best outcome for the conversation is that the stakeholder respects your input, understands why you are pushing back and is open to research with the target audience.

23rd March 2021 | By Charlie Kneen

How to conduct audience discovery interviews

We use interviews in the Discover phase of design thinking and 5Di to explore a problem in greater depth. This guide provides practical advice on preparing for and conducting a good discovery interview.

January 22nd 2021 | By Morten Bonde

8 tips for making performance feedback brain-friendly


Regular, honest feedback is the foundation of performance management, and a common feature of high performing, motivated teams. Employees also crave regular feedback but unfortunately managers often put off it off, or are unclear when they give it.

January 13th 2021 | By Charlie Kneen

Solve stakeholder challenges and gain buy-in for new learning technologies


How do you prove value and get buy-in to new learing tecnology from stakeholders whilst at the same time selecting a technology that works for both the users and the business?

December 14th 2020 | By Morten Bonde

Needs-based learning design: 9 reasons to speak to your target audience


A human-centred approach to learning design can be difficult to justify to colleagues that are used to taking a more conventional approach. Here are 9 reasons to help you explain why speaking with your audience is worth the effort, if you're challenged by less enthusiastic stakeholders.

December 3rd 2020 | By Charlie Kneen

Be like Stormzy: what's the point of company values anyway?


Company values done badly can re-enforce groupthink, crush innovation and reward the wrong behaviours. I think this was true in my first L&D role and it’s a mistake I’m not keen to repeat.

November 20th 2020 | By Charlie Kneen

How to innovate in learning: don't follow the waggle dance


Bees are not just our pollinators and honey producers - they also have much to tell us about the importance of innovation in businesses.

October 19th 2019 | By Charlie Kneen

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