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How Solvd Together designed and delivered performance management experiments to support the 2021 people strategy.

The challenge: Re-thinking L&G’s Performance Management Strategy

Like many organisations, Legal & General (L&G) conduct half-year and end-of-year appraisals but they recognised a need to modernise – they wanted a performance management approach that was less about completing an HR process and more about supporting their employee’s growth and enabling them to thrive in their roles.

Outcomes and results

The Solvd Together team applied our 5di strategy with a clear focus on the managers, and we completed a series of 6 performance management experiments with 10 teams in 2020. Using the results, we are co-designing the 2021 strategy with our client.

6 experiments with 10 teams:

  1. Objective Setting and Alignment

  2. Motivation and Incentives

  3.  Monitoring and Tracking Progress​

  4. Communication and Feedback

  5. Growth Conversations

  6. Barriers to Performance

I’ve really enjoyed co-solving stuff together and experimenting as we go. It’s great how you folks understand how we work and you’ve been a trusted partner this year, like an extension of our team. I’ve absolutely loved working with you and excited about next year."

"Solvd are amazing to work with. You make work feel like play".

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Gemma Paterson

Head of Development Experiences and Innovation

Gemma Paterson

Head of Development Experiences and Innovation

What we did

Our first task was to design a toolkit of support materials for the mid-year performance conversations. These were developed using external research, our coaching expertise, and experience of similar projects at organisations such as BP. We then worked with the internal communications team to communicate the materials globally to managers and their direct reports. The toolkit was designed like a consumer-grade product and included best practice guidance, tips, and a checklist of questions to ask and to prepare. 

Over the course of a week, we analysed external case studies, videos and research articles to identify the successful strategies and pitfalls. This was time well spent because it allowed us to communicate our insights to the HR Leadership Team and select a group of 6 experiments we delivered with 10 volunteer teams. 

This engagement is ongoing.. However, the experiments have been completed, and we are now using the data to make recommendations for a redesign of performance management in 2021. We are also proposing further experiments that are more disruptive and innovative. This is possible now we have built credibility with the business.

In summary

Solvd Together’s deep expertise enabled us to be a trusted partner in strategically researching, designing, developing and delivering a series of performance management experiments for L&G. The data from this activity ensure that the proposed transformation of performance management in 2021 leads to effective, meaningful change for the learning organisation

  • External research and strategy

  • Data capture and analysis

  • Audience research 

  • Performance management design

  • Experiment design and delivery

  • Toolkit design and development

  • Coaching

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