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Novo Nordisk

How Solvd Together supported the successful pilot and rollout of a learning experience platform (LXP)

The challenge

Novo Nordisk contacted Solvd Together to support the digital learning team with the launch and rollout of Degreed to support the development of more than 18,000 employees. This included supporting the integration of Degreed within Novo's existing digital and IT ecosystem and providing a framework for managing delivery to thousands of employees serving customers in 180 countries.

Outcomes and results

The platform has been extremely well received across the organisation, with new and returning visitors to Degreed growing since launch.​​​

25% adoption across circa 18,000 employees.

70,000 learning items completed voluntarily.

2,500 items shared between colleagues.

100+ days of support.

We have not only launched Degreed. We have launched a whole new way of thinking and working with digital learning in Novo Nordisk. We could not have done this without you.

Peter Riber

Head of Digital Learning

"The journey has been incredible and so have the results.​"

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Peter Riber

Head of Digital Learning

​Degreed has become the primary tool for delivering digital learning and professional development and is being used as an example of best practice implementation internally at Novo Nordisk.

What we did

There were two phases of the project, before and during COVID.


In phase one we supported four pilot areas to test Degreed as a concept. This included technical consulting, preparing toolkits for content developers, designing a great ‘day-one’ experience, advising on deployment strategy and coaching stakeholders to think about learning in a different way.

Before COVID 19 hit we had settled into a steady agile rhythm as a team. We ran the project with two-week sprints and a comfortable workload. This changed overnight. The lockdown, first in Denmark and then in the UK, brought digital learning into sharper focus. The implementation of Degreed was stepped up and the launch window for our pilot with 2,000 users in Denmark reduced from around three months to two weeks.

This new phase of work brought additional challenges and responsibilities. We were asked to take the lead in quickly upskilling learning professionals to use Degreed, curating external and partner content to publish on the platform, and developing a communications campaign and support network to engage Novo Nordisk's employees. We also assisted Novo Nordisk to develop COVID 19 guidance and learning plans to help staff adapt to new ways of working.

Finally, with increased awareness came increased interest, anxiety and curiosity. As part of the Digital Learning team, Solvd Together became the go-to experts for all things LXP, LMS and learning more generally. 

In summary

​Solvd Together supported Novo Nordisk throughout the rollout of Degreed, adapting our approach to deliver a number of outcomes:

  • Learning technology support 

  • Internal L&D development 

  • Learning content strategy 

  • Degreed implementation

  • 5Di consultancy 

  • Audience research 

  • Learning marketing strategy.

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