Oil company virtual leadership

Reducing cost and raising graduation rates at a multinational oil company.

The challenge

The client had an existing safety leadership programme with declining attendance and completion rates. To compound matters, the oil price halved overnight resulting in dramatic cuts in funding for learning and development, which was delivered by expensive third-parties and required a great deal of travel for participants.

Outcomes and results

The knowledge was shared more widely because the delegates involved peers and local teams in their problem-solving.

What we did

We identified an opportunity to enhance the participant experience and programme ROI by fostering more social learning and collaboration. We developed a new blended approach where the participants used the knowledge gained from online classroom sessions and mentoring with technical experts to solve business-critical problems.

40 action learning projects greatly improved safety across the organisation.

The new approach generated more than $10 million in business benefits.

Increased graduation rate from 60% to 95%.

Savings of more than 400 travel days and costs per 40-person group.

Core to the delivery was an online portal that contained the resources participants needed to address the business challenges. They were also assigned to a peer group where they networked and shared the solutions they developed.


The end of the programme was marked with an online graduation event co-hosted by the Safety and Operational Risk Academy, several VPs and the Senior University Professors.

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