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5Di: Solvd

Want lasting behavioural change and better people performance? Harness human-centred design with our 5Di: Solvd Toolkit and create meaningful solutions focused on people’s needs.

With practical templates, videos, and resources, you’re guided through scoping, research, solution design, build, and deployment, and continued improvement. Oh - and it’s completely free.


DEI: Solvd

Ready to level-up DEI but not sure where (or how) to begin? Start with the DEI: Solvd Toolkit’s powerful conversations and actions to nourish an inclusive, effective culture.

Through short, simple, interactive sessions, this Toolkit helps you create a safe space to navigate important conversations - through human connections and emotive, empathetic activities.


Degreed: Solvd

Degreed is powerful – are you getting the most out of it? Many organisations struggle to get the full benefits of the system – either because they don’t engage the users, or because they fail to develop their content creators’ capabilities

Whether it’s platform, content, or backend stuff (like reporting) giving you grief, our Toolkit unleashes Degreed’s potential, meaning greater ROI, fewer headaches, and delighted learners.


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