Solution Design

Designing and developing blended learning, performance and change programmes that have real impact requires real experience. We bring that in buckets and spades.

You only create real impact when your solutions change what does not work. We never start designing experiences or performance support until we fully understand what problems the target audience and business are facing.


We define the business problems with you and then align these to company performance metrics.


Working with the target audience we identify their challenges and concerns and conduct external research where necessary.


With the research analysed and prioritised, we propose a high-level design, project overview and outline key design decisions.


You decide what you want to have developed and how to roll it out.

We then develop the content and the deployment strategy.


Using marketing techniques and nudge theory, we connect the right audience with your solution.


Solutions are rarely designed perfectly. We measure how well your solution meets your needs, and make improvements..

How we can help you

We don’t do traditional - At Solvd, we are not instructional designers. We are user experience designers, technology experts, and psychologists. Our approach, therefore, is rarely based on training, but more likely on action learning and performance support.


We right-size our approach - As experienced consultants, we have a track record of delivering global, million-dollar projects and much smaller ones where there isn't enough budget to go around. 


Blended programmes - Our workshops are characterized by real-life simulations, practice and challenging feedback. Our digital solutions are beautifully designed, easy to use and relevant in the context of your target audience.


We crunch and deliver - Whatever your preference for how your programmes are designed and delivered, we're the partner you can trust. We achieve remarkable results and alignment by applying a coaching philosophy of honesty, transparency and respectfully challenging assumptions and working practices we believe can be improved. 

Learning experience platform rollouts

We helped two clients implement a learning experience platform (LXP).


When you remove all the issues related to the technical integrations, project management, and vendor management, what you are left with is the task of preparing and upskilling the contributors and end-users. Also, establishing best practices, processes and support that will make the solution a success.


Using our 5Di approach we analysed where the two organisations were different in terms of their goals, culture, strategy, the maturity of the learning organisation and experience of its learning professionals.


Next, we developed tailored approaches that supported each organisation, providing a roadmap that delivered success in the areas most important to them.

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Novo Nordisk

We helped Novo Nordisk successfully pilot and rollout learning experience platform Degreed.

Large induction programme

In 2020, we started work on a large-scale blended induction program for a global services organisation. The goal was to prepare graduates for a life in professional services including the company culture, ways of working, systems, and ultimately client support. The solution needed to be a combination of online and a large facilitated live event.


Two months into the programme design however, it became clear that the ‘new normal’ of Covid 19 would impact the delivery of the programme. Everything had to be delivered online. The question became: how do we provide an equally impactful experience 100% online?


Our solution combines our expertise in virtual environments and experience design principles. We are flipping the performance support learning content from the residential into a mobile online portal. Where online engagement is required, we are creating a studio broadcast hub where a TV presenter links various online sessions together. The sessions are a mix of interactive TED style presentations (20 minutes or less) and action learning projects, exercises and a narrative-driven experience inspired by the Crystal Maze.

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