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How Solvd Together supported one of the UK's largest supermarkets to adopt 5Di into their working practice.

The challenge

One of the UK’s largest supermarkets was looking for support in adopting the 5Di methodology to deliver learning solutions. Our initial research found that the learning team was regularly under pressure from stakeholders who saw them as an eLearning ‘shop’. The quantity of output being demanded by the business was not a reflection on the needs of the target audience groups. The team lacked a process and tools to structure their learning projects.

I worry that I’m delivering content that is pushed to learners. I cannot see a 'pull' from the business.

My challenge is managing the quantity of work coming through within timescales set and making sure the work is quality.

Currently everything needs to be done NOW. It’s impossible for me to find personal time.

Outcomes and results

The Digital Learning and Design Manager was an advocate for change in the L&D industry; moving from courses, to resources and experiences. With the client we collaboratively designed a series of seven 5Di workshops. Each workshop covered one phase of 5Di, and we provided specific tools that could be used in live projects.

20 percent increase in knowledge and experience of 5Di.

+63 NPS average for the sessions and +83 overall for the experience.

75% participants either Strongly Agree or Agree that they could practically deliver each phase of 5Di.

It's been incredibly useful to feed what we have learned in these sessions into other large team meetings and aligning the wider team with the process. It's also great to hear that 5Di works in different  businesses. I feel this is the first time the team are all singing from the same hymn sheet which is great :)

Charlie is a brilliant facilitator and delivers a great balance of speaking with an opportunity for us to ask questions and articulates/explains things really clear!

L&D Team Member

What we did

We began with a series of meetings to discuss the strategy for supporting the team to develop practical 5Di skills. Next, we surveyed the audience to understand the challenges and concerns they were facing in their work. From this we offered three designs which included various activities and workshop cycles. Once the client was happy, we kicked things off with an ‘all hands’ session taking the team and their leaders through the end-to-end 5Di process.

We quickly found our rhythm and each week designed the workshop and developed the tools collaboratively with the client. Meanwhile the learning team were provided with a series of activities to practice the basics of 5Di in the ‘real-world’. We also polled the participants after each workshop to gather feedback and change our approach to suit the audience’s needs.

At the end of the project, we went back to the audience to see whether there was any shift in their mindset, skillset or behaviours. This told us whether the sessions had had an impact on the team, and whether they had any further support needs in future.

In summary

Solvd Together supported one of the UK’s largest supermarkets to adopt 5Di as a way of working in the learning team. We ran seven workshops and supported them with a toolkit of templates, guides and checklists so team members could practical apply 5Di to their projects:

  •  5Di consultancy

  • Audience research

  • Programme design

  • Capability development

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