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Performance Management Experiments to Support L&G’s 2021 People Strategy

Solvd Together and L&G team up to make employee appraisals more supportive of ongoing performance.

The challenge

Design a performance management approach that is less about completing an HR process—more about supporting employees' development, and enabling them to thrive in their roles.

The outcome

Informative data from targeted performance management experiments gives Solvd Together and L&G the means to thoughtfully co-design a fresh 2021 people strategy.

The Lasting Impact

  • A toolkit for mid-year and end-of-year performance conversations that was applied directly by over 4,500 L&G managers in 2020-2021.
  • The external perspectives we brought clarified the L&G performance management strategy leading to further work on ‘performance culture’ encompassing technology, reward, culture, mindsets and capability.
  • Participating managers found new opportunities to support their teams: “I was really surprised by the insight gained, it allows for a much deeper and more personal conversation”.
  • Organisations with high performing teams saw a 202% improvement in productivity from engaged employees.

It’s no secret that employees and their managers feel bogged down by half-year and end-of-year appraisals. It feels like a box to check off on the to-do list, a reminder that yet another 6 months has passed, and fails to motivate people or improve their performance.

L&G approached Solvd Together to rethink the way the performance management conversations were taking place. Bringing our research, UX design and business coaching expertise to bear, we designed and delivered a practical toolkit of helpful resources. The best practice examples, tips, checklists, and question sets enabled managers across the company to prepare properly for the performance conversations, and focus on asking the right questions.

The positive feedback on the toolkit led to a second phase of the engagement. Stakeholders knew from experience and evidence, that the overall performance management process was regarded as a check-box exercise, and nothing to do with managing performance.

The Solvd Together team applied the 5Di approach to bring a human-centered design approach to the challenge. They conducted internal and external research to identify possible solutions that were then tested through a series of experiments. The experiments were selected according to the relevance and impact they had in other similar organisations.

The 6 experiments:

  1. Objective Setting and Alignment
  2. Motivation and Incentives
  3. Monitoring and Tracking Progress​
  4. Communication and Feedback
  5. Growth Conversations
  6. Barriers to Performance

The collected insights from the experiments were presented to the HR leadership team outlining what could be done to reimagine performance management at L&G. The relationship between L&G and Solvd Together continues, as the team seeks a new way of driving business performance and engagement.

In Summary

Solvd Together’s expertise and mindset has made them a trusted partner in strategic research, solution design, and delivery. The data-driven approach has ensured that the proposed transformation of performance management in 2020-21 has led to meaningful change for the organisation.

What we did

  • External research
  • Data capture and analysis
  • Audience research
  • Solution design
  • Experiment design and delivery
  • Toolkit design and development
  • Business coaching

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