Let's solve it. Together.

In a learning and performance industry saturated by conventional thinking, we disrupt and challenge how problems are solvd, people are developed and culture is crafted.


Looking for something different to the conventional training approach?

Speak to learners and you'll find they are frustrated by traditional classroom and online training experiences. At Solvd we are not instructional designers: we are user experience designers, technology experts, and psychologists. Our approach, therefore, is very different.

Together we'll tackle your big business challenges​, guided by stakeholder expectations and audience insights. We'll create practical resources that help people get stuff done and design immersive experiences that shift people's mindsets and challenge their assumptions.

Are you ready to invest in events characterised by real-life simulations, practice and challenging feedback? Digital solutions that are beautifully designed, easy to use and relevant in the context of your employees? Welcome to a new way of doing people development. 


Solutions that exceed user expectations?


Learning Technology liked by users?


Need to power up your L&D?


Need to clarify your learning strategy?

Solution design

For large complex challenges, we design and develop blended programs that mix learning and performance solutions, communications, coaching and more.

If the challenges are simpler, we eliminate learning altogether and create practical tools and resources that help users make better decisions in the moment, solving problems where they occur.

Learning technology

Wave goodbye to clunky, frustrating and outdated digital learning. Yes, you can actually implement technology solutions that your end-users will like!


If you are stuck with an old LMS we can help you select and implement a modern, integrated learning infrastructure. We also partner with you to build bespoke learning portals, Chatbots, AR, VR and Apps.

Capability development

The world of learning and development has moved on but unfortunately not everyone working in L&D has. We can help!

Using our design expertise, coaching mindset and technical know how, we can help people in your team adopt the new mindset, skillset and behaviours needed for success in the digital age.

Research and strategy

We all make assumptions about the work that we do.


Our role is to challenge these assumptions and bring in perspectives from inside and outside your organisation.


We explore the realities of your business and target audience and look around for examples of what has worked elsewhere.

Keep it simple - 4 steps for working together

Step 1

You contact us

We arrange an informal chat to find out what you're looking for and if we can help.

After the conversation, we might send examples of our work, more questions, or send you on to one of our trusted partners.

Naturally, this is completely free.

Step 2

We meet

We meet to discuss your challenges in more detail, involving more stakeholders - including the audience. 

The outcome of the meeting is an initial solution proposal with an estimated timeline and cost.

This is also free – what's not to like?

Step 3

We propose a solution

If you like it, we create a project plan detailing which tasks are required and what you will be paying for.

We also provide a vision for the 'end-state' which ensures clarity and that all your requirements are met.

Then we sign the contract. Hooray!

Step 4

We develop & deliver

This is the good part. We now work together on creating something awesome that solves your challenges,

Our agile approach means we can reprioritise sprints based on what we discover as we go.

Once we have delivered it, we make sure it's done the trick.

Would you like to know more?

Get in touch via phone, email or social media.