How we work

Here are the things we keep in mind when working with clients and each other.


Be like Stormzy

We take responsibility for ourselves, our clients, and our local communities. We are committed, outspoken, and put action before words to make a real positive difference in the world.



We are all adults

We are accountable for our own actions, development, and decisions, and we aren’t afraid to ask each other for help if we need it. Challenge and feedback is encouraged and accepted as part of how we grow as individuals and a collective.

Professional Dancer


Do the right thing

We act with integrity and openness. We support our colleagues and clients, however and whenever we can. We strive to be diverse, inclusive and value new ideas and thoughts. Clarity in planning, communication and crunching through tasks to deliver high-quality outcomes are hallmarks of how we work.

Be You


Health comes first

Money is fun but it doesn't buy happiness or a purpose. We look out for each other's health, physical and mental wellbeing. 


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