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Morten Bonde and Charlie Kneen are friends who have worked together over the last ten years. They met at BP and quickly bonded over a mutual dislike for all things eLearning and badly delivered classroom training.

Working with Nick Shackleton-Jones they were part of a self-proclaimed 'dream-team' of Learning and Performance Innovation consultants who disbanded in 2016.


Towards the end of 2019 they launched Solvd Together, and supported by their network of Chuck Norris level Associates, they started addressing the imbalance between the world of work and the consumer experience.

Solvd Together are based in central London, and we always ready for a chat about your challenges or ideas.

Meet the team

Charlie Kneen

Charlie enjoys music festivals and competitive sport of all kinds, from rugby, to boxing, and darts. He has a varied background in film, marketing, professional coaching and learning and development.


Charlie’s first experience of L&D was at BP working with Nick Shackleton-Jones where he met Morten and Redmund. Charlie’s focus is on delivering human-centred design across programmes that improve the performance of individuals, the team and the business.

Morten Bonde

Morten specialises in helping our clients select and implement learning technology. He also works with them to design and deliver large scale blended learning solutions.

When Morten isn't working, he's either meditating, cooking vegan food or playing poker tournaments. Until Vegas re-opens,  you can find him at the online poker tables. 

Redmund Bath
Senior Associate Consultant

Redmund is passionate about travel and has visited and volunteered his way across five continents. Redmund also loves design and architecture and has taken part in several sustainable building projects.


With a background in psychology and digital product development, he’s always looking out for opportunities to apply that knowledge to change behaviour and improve performance in the workplace.

Alexei Hnatiw

Learning Consultant

Alexei is an award-winning learning consultant and experience designer who once drove from Bristol to Mongolia in a hatchback.


With a background in the production of engaging learning content; he brings user-centered design into learning and development programs. Alexei is a keen cyclist, guitarist, photographer, and puppy walker.

Joe Livingstone

Associate Consultant

Joe’s background is in digital marketing, user experience and content management. He has a passion for delivering great user-centred experiences and resources that help people get better at doing the things they care about.


Joe is currently trying to get better at playing the piano and the saxophone, cycling, and satisfying his children’s ever-growing curiosity.

Rochelle Livingstone

Associate Consultant

Rochelle is big on faith, football and food; and is one of the louder fans at the Emirates! Outside of the football ground, Rochelle is the go-to person to help people build their confidence and ‘bring their best self’.


She has partnered with global FMCG, aviation and technology companies. Rochelle designs and facilitates learning experiences focusing on professional development and diversity, equity & inclusion.

Gemma Critchley

Associate Consultant

Gemma delivers game-changing approaches to learning, talent and organisational development.


Using innovation, technology, storytelling and experience design, she has been delivering commercially-focused, award-winning results for global fashion, finance and FMCG brands for over 10 years

Stephanie Karaolis

Associate Consultant

Stephanie creates brilliantly written content for and about digital learning.


She draws on more than a decade of designing award-winning online learning solutions, and a lifetime of telling stories, adopting different voices and finding the right words to make an impact.

Oskar Jensen

Student Helper

Oskar is a student at King's College of London. He is helping with navigating the seas of content on the internet to bring you the most relevant articles, videos, and papers.

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