Product School

Enabling Product School to Create a Quality Product Manager Learning Experience.

Solvd Together and Product School increase the quality of outcomes and customer feedback on their live Product Manager course (“PMC”).

The challenge

Improve customer feedback on a traditional virtual Product Manager course. Build on work already delivered to enhance the practicality of the learning content and ensure better outcomes for the customer.

The outcome

A course that exceeded customer feedback targets. More importantly, we led the team to conduct end-user research to inform the design of a self-paced curriculum. This shifted the focus from ‘learning topics’ to real Product Manager pain points and challenges.

The Lasting Impact

  • Exceeded customer feedback targets.
  • User research informed the development of a new self-paced course.
  • Recognition in the team for human-centered learning design.

The COO of Product School asked us for a simple report to assess the quality of the existing PMC. After the reviewing our recommendations, the design team incorporated these into an updated version of the live Product Manager course.  

The team was developing useful content but their approach was expert led, rather than audience-led. This meant that there was a lot of scaffolded information that wasn't always applicable in context. We found that end-users could get overwhelmed or could struggle to apply the Product Management techniques in the real world.

We led research (a survey and a series of one-to-one interviews) to identify the challenges and concerns of Product School Alumni. What were the things they found difficult when trying to use the Product School learning in their new roles? The outcome was a report that went to the Product School Head of Education, that was then used to guide the development of the new curriculum.

We ran beta test cohorts on a brand new learning format so it was important to act fast and with precision to address pain points before the wider launch. Solvd Together stepped in and helped us to identify and address high-impact feedback on the student experience to meet and exceed our goals for student satisfaction.

The hands-on approach and user-centric focus from Solvd Together allowed us to optimize our resources and prioritize our efforts to improve the student learning experience from start to finish.”  
~ Shewit Doherty, Director of Enterprise Accounts

In Summary

Solvd Together’s support helped Product School walk-the-talk in terms of Product Management applied to learning. We integrated into the team to help them exceed their customer feedback targets, and paved the way for further products designed around audience pain points rather than with conventional education principles

What we did

  • Solution analysis
  • Report writing
  • Copywriting
  • Research
  • Experience design
  • Script writing

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