Solvd for Good

Through Solvd for Good, we support non-profit organisations that drive equality of opportunity for everyone.

We’re passionate about leaving things better than we found them.

Solvd for Good

Camden & Islington United (CANDI)

Solvd proudly became the main sponsor of Camden & Islington United's Female football team in May 2023. As a community-owned football club, CANDI was started by residents, coaches, players, youth workers, and business owners, all united by their love for football and its power to unite the community.

The reason we support CANDI (in addition to them being amazing people and awesome footballers) is that CANDI has taken on the responsibility of being a hub for community projects and action.  

They offer free community football sessions, women’s empowerment programmes, Know Your Rights workshops and community tournaments. And during lockdown, their players stepped up and delivered emergency food parcels to those most in need.  

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Spitalfields City Farm

The Spitalfields City Farm is a small oasis of calm in the middle of Shoreditch. It provides everyone, including Solvd Together’s Consultants, with a safe, stimulating and inclusive space in which to play and connect with nature. 

The farm was set up as a charity in 1978. Through funding and volunteering it supports not just the rescue animals but daily visitors, including four local schools. In their classes, the visiting children learn about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and how to manage natural ecosystems for the benefit of local wildlife sustainably. We love using the Spitalfields City Farm for our team meetings and lunch breaks and to remind ourselves what’s important in life. 

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Spitalfields City Farm

Global Teacher

Access to education should be a basic human right, yet 1 billion people worldwide lack electricity and 50% of schools have no internet access.  

Solvd Together is proud to support the Global Teacher Charity, because they are dedicated to providing equal opportunities for all through quality digital education, delivered via Global Teachers’ innovative, sustainable off-grid, Pod and Lumi  

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"Over Being Underfunded" by We Are Radikl

We Are Radikl fights for better funding for women-led businesses in the United Kingdom. The ‘Over Being Underfunded’ campaign raises awareness of female entrepreneurs' challenges and provides practical support and a community for women who need it.  

We are inspired by We Are Radikl’s commitment to fostering equal opportunity in the workplace and the founders’ passion for sharing their experience and expertise. Because of this, Solvd funds 10 female entrepreneurs to participate in We Are Radikl’s programmes.  

Learn more about the campaign here.

We are Radikl - OverBeingUnderFunded

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