Solution Design

We design and develop solutions that deliver performance outcomes, not learning objectives.

Solution Design

We are different because our inspiration comes from outside the learning and development industry. Our process is closely aligned to product development and this allows us to think big, practical and sticky. We only care about solutions that actually work.

Here is our human-centred analysis, design, and develop process that lets us create anything from online portals and toolkits to leader-led transformation and full-blown, week-long residential

Address both the organisation and audience challenges

We start by defining your business problems to ensure the solution will be linked to key business challenges and strategies.  We then speak to the audience (e.g. employees, managers or clients) to discover the challenges and concerns they deal with.

  • Consultation with stakeholders define requirements at a strategic and tactical level.
  • Audience interviews and focus groups provide the detail and context of the challenges
  • Uncover the concerns, challenges, and solutions for further analysis

We only design and develop what is relevant 

With the research analysed and prioritised, we propose a high-level design, project overview and outline key design decisions. This includes:

  • A discovery report and a high-level design, so you can decide what we focus on
  • Designs that deliver the relevant outcomes, for example immersive experiences that change mindsets, action learning projects or resources that help the audience solve problems 
  • Content developed in minimum lovable product (MLP) sprints, so we can test them with the audience ensuring it solves their challenges.

Deliver the solutions with the most impact

We carefully create deployment and comms plans aimed at reaching the audience in the manner that prepares them to learn the most from our solutions. We then deliver:

  • Digital solutions that are beautifully designed, easy to use and relevant
  • Leader led toolkits and resources that can be used in the flow of work
  • Events characterized by real-life simulations, practice and challenging feedback. 

Improvement is a core part of the development 

Solutions are rarely designed perfectly. So, we always include time in our plans to measure how well your solution meets your needs and make improvements 

  • Data gathering and analysis (from portals or from the audience)
  • Sentiment analysis (NPS) for those things harder to measure 
  • Clear plans for content and delivery updates 

You may not get what you originally thought you needed, but you’ll be even more happy with the results!

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