Solution Design

One size doesn’t fit all. Our unique solutions are built on human-centred 5Di learning design, solving challenges and driving behavioural change that lasts.

Solution Design

How we do it

We’re different. Because our inspiration comes from outside the learning industry. It’s more closely aligned with product design principles – and we only deliver solutions that work:

  • Unearth the challenge: Using human-centred 5Di learning design we define and explore the problem to be solved, linking it with key business challenges and discovering our audience’s pain points and challenges – including stakeholder consultation, audience interviews and focus groups, and a detailed plotting of the desired outcomes
  • Create the solution: Next we propose a high-level solution design that addresses our findings and delivers the right outcomes – whether that’s an immersive experience, action-leaning projects, or performance support resources. We then build a consumer-grade, beautifully designed MLP (minimum lovable product) with our creative team in sprints, continually aligning with key stakeholders to ensure the right direction of travel
  • Test and improve: We deliver our solution with a launch plan to get the audience onboard and engaged swiftly and seamlessly. Whatever solution we launch, we oversee and support the implementation with a data dashboard for measuring key performance metrics, gathering user feedback to continue to improve the product after launch

We can’t guarantee that you’ll get the solution you imagined. But we can guarantee that you’ll get a solution that changes behaviours for better, supports improved performance, and is enjoyed and advocated by your key audience.

What do you
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