DEI Toolkit

Foster inclusivity - without breaking a sweat

Nourish an inclusive workplace culture and create a safe space for your team through powerful conversations and interactive sessions.

Your Solvd DEI Toolkit makes it simple to

Nurture a culture of respect, inquisitiveness, and understanding, building amore inclusive (and happier!) workplace. It will help you embed the best DEI practice on various topics across the board, providing you with a framework tonavigate new situations as they emerge.

DEI done differently

  • Our DEI Toolkit helps you create a safe space to navigate important conversations through enabling deeper human connections and emotive, empathetic activities.  
  • Help your company grow the right way by nourishing a culture of respect, openness, and curiosity, benefiting established and future colleagues
  • Run hassle-free, highly rated DEI experiences that create safe spaces to learn, share, and grow - without the feeling of walking on eggshells

  • Employ smart, effective resources designed by DEI experts, housed in an efficient toolkit that practically runs it self while strengthening your workplace reputation
  • Utilise this simple, powerful tool across your entire company, including ERGs and affinity groups 

What the Solvd DEI Toolkit will help you achieve:

Show your team that commitment to DEI is a company priority and that you’re being proactive in building a truly inclusive workplace.

  • Engage with DEI beginners and advocates alike.
  • Generate senior stakeholder engagement and sponsorship.
  • Drive best practice throughout your employee life cycle, right across your business.
  • Promote, measure, and improve the conversation and actions around diversity and inclusion.
  • Build a thriving, inclusive culture that acts as a talent magnet. Through action not words.
  • Help your day-to-day operations flourish.

How our DEI Toolkit works

The Solvd DEI Toolkit is a package of practical, engaging resources that generate, facilitate, and celebrate conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion. It’s straightforward to use and easy to integrate with your company’s flow of work — all while improving DEI practices across your business.

1. Powerful workshops

Guided workshops provide your people with a safe space to learn, get it wrong, and grow, using a simple three-step process: lay the groundwork; explore, listen, and learn; and agree on actions for improvement.

2. Emotional explorations

The Toolkit’s activities are designed to help colleagues to generate discussion, prompt questions, and even share their own vulnerabilities to broaden their perspectives.

3. Unite despite differences

The Toolkit’s goal isn’t to make people“reach an agreement”, but to understand each other’s perspectives and work more inclusively together, all the while learning cross-functional skills like patience, empathy, listening, and preparation.

What’s in the Solvd DEI Toolkit

Conversation guides

20+ guided conversations on various aspects of DEI, complete with difficulty ratings, suggested group numbers and locations, recommended time allowances, and even customisable comms –everything needed to setup, manage, and follow up each workshop.

Engaging resources

Consumer-grade, printable, and captivating resources (card decks, tally sheets, and simple physical activities) toengender new perspectives and create a safe, comfortable environment to shareand reflect.

Advice at your point of need

As well as a glossary of (what can feel intimidating) terminology, your teams have unlimited access to a suite of videos with advice on running each workshop from an expert practitioner.  

“If we don’t have a frame or toolkit, I don’t know how we would ever start to open up this sort of discussion.” L&G Team Leader

Need a custom toolkit?

If you have a more specific area to dig into, we at Solvd are here to help. With our currently practising, in-house experts on DEI and behavioural change, we’re well-placed to offer advice or design solutions to a particular challenge you’re facing. Let’s see how we can solve your problems together.

Need further support?

We’re on hand to assist with any aspect of the DEI Toolkit, whether you need a small question answering, or detailed guidance on how to implement the whole thing.

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