Learning Technology

There are many learning platforms. We help identify and implement the technology solutions that are right for your business and your end-users.

Learning Technology

There will never be one platform to rule them all. Alongside our partners we offer expertise and guidance to help you select, setup, integrate and implement learning technology that suits your needs.

Select learning technology

Technology should support your employees’ performance, not get in the way of it. We work with your team to understand your business and end-user requirements, and analyse the market to surface the best options.

Together with our partners NilesNolen, our learning technology support includes:

  • Consultation with stakeholders define requirements at a strategic and tactical level.
  • Market analysis of suitable vendors and solutions.
  • Assistance with RFPs and tenders to provide insight into challenges and risks.
  • Collaboration to support setup, integration and adoption.

Build bespoke solutions

​We design and develop web-based solutions, tailored to your business challenges and audience needs. Our breadth of expertise and ways of working make the development process smooth and painless. We take a human-centred design approach and ensure the solutions we build together have a measurable impact on performance. 

​Our design and development support includes:

  • Research to understand the barriers of your IT stack, and the end-user’s challenges and concerns.
  • Developer selection and project management to deliver the solution.
  • Testing and support for full rollout.

Setup and integrate new technology

​We delivery impactful technology integrations by combining a wealth of technical expertise with a deep understanding of how learning works.

Our setup and integration support includes:

  • Integration of new platforms with your existing technology architecture.
  • Connecting HR systems, IT systems and databases.
  • Auditing, mapping and migration of existing learning resources to your new platform.
  • Measurement plans to help you monitor and report success.

Implement and upskill your team

​We provide upskilling so your learning team can get the most from your new technology solution. The guidance, process and toolkits we provide, equip team members to deliver a consumer-grade experience for your organisation.

​Our implementation support includes:

  • Identification of capability gaps, alongside guidance and coaching that supports proper use of the platform.
  • Guides and resources that prepare normal users, learning designers, content owners and other stakeholders to use your new platform effectively.
  • Design and delivery of multi-channel launch campaigns including workshops, videos, and flagship programmes that demonstrate best practice.

Don’t select or launch a platform without speaking to us first. 

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