Degreed: Solvd

Your challenge...

The users find Degreed confusing, the managers don’t know how to support them, and the adoption is lower than expected. Your learning teams use traditional training design approaches and struggle creating engaging content that solves actual problems.  

We’ll lead you to...

Empowered, engaged users, seamlessly navigating Degreed and getting the most out of it. Exciting quality content curated, built, and delivered around the user’ needs. Content and integrations create data that shapes your learning strategy.

You’ll end up with…

  • happy colleagues who love using Degreed because of its simplicity and intuitive experience
  • relevant, exciting learning that inspires, driving long-lasting behavioural change and structured development
  • content creators and learning designers using 5Di to identify and create well-structured solutions optimised for Degreed
  • an L&D offering categorised as exceptional because of this simple, worth-its-weight-in-gold platform that meets and exceeds your people’s need

The Toolkits

Our Degreed: Solvd Toolkits are aimed at two user groups. The ‘users and people managers’, and the ‘teams that develop content for them’. Everything can be made available in multiple languages, and it is always customised with your company brand. The Toolkits and the content will live within your CMS and Degreed platform, and we’ll update them if the UI changes.


Get Started with Degreed: Users (10 min)

Intros to Degreed are out there. But they’re too complex, long, or just…boring. We’ve created a 5-minute rundown with videos and branded pdfs to introduce the key benefits and a simple ‘how-to-use’ Degreed. It’s practical, simple, and includes another five minutes worth of bonus content of helpful reference docs for things active users will need later.  

Get Started with Degreed: People managers (10 min)

Your managers are instrumental in making Degreed a success. They support their teams in how to use it, they update skills ratings, share content, and they use the manager dashboard to keep an overview of the skills being developed by their teams. This introduction covers everything they need to know.

Content Creators: The Core Toolkit (30 mins)

Regardless of your content creators’ backgrounds, the Core Degreed Toolkit aligns everyone to create practical solutions and help colleagues solve real problems. It is based on a simplified version of our 5Di toolkit, and loaded with videos, templates, best practice examples, and design guidelines – all interwoven with your governance and guidance. 

Content Creators: The Advanced Toolkit

This toolkit addresses your teams' specific needs, covering a range of advanced topics like searchability of content, branding and image design, integration with SharePoint and Stream, Degreed administration and reporting, and template-based quality content creation for replacing simple pathways or complex activities in Degreed.


Degreed Specific Services

Take it even further with our Degreed Services.  Our Toolkit gets you off to a flying start with Degreed. But we appreciate you may need special support in certain areas. Here’s how Solvd can help.

1. Supercharge your team

We analyse your challenges and use toolkits, workshops, and coaching to develop your team, empowering them to create effective, engaging learning. We cover analysis, design and development, content marketing and comms, and basic Degreed administration and reporting. This can be done standalone or with any of our other services. 

2. Flagship products

Using our 5Di expertise, we help you create stand-out flagship programmes – optimised, of course, for Degreed. With our award-winning programme design and development expertise, we guide you to creating content in the best format, in the right branding that works in Degreed, and supported with the right comms campaigns and measurement.

3. Custom content/brand

 Most Degreed clients struggle with how to repurpose and move content into Degreed. This means making it findable, well structured, and often custom branded. We can craft custom, consumer-grade design guidelines, brands, and templates ensuring your teams deliver content with the same quality and style. 

4. Measurement and admin

Degreed’s reporting suite can be used to track usage, and for many bulk administrative tasks. We can show you the ropes, and help you use third-party tools to integrate the data with survey results, browser tracking etc., to create a clearer picture of what your learners want to achieve.  

5. Comms and engagement

The launch of Degreed, or a solution hosted in Degreed, is the actual beginning of the product in eyes of your users. It’s important they know about it, care about it, and want to use it. Solvd can help plan, create, and execute engagement campaigns that drive hunger from colleagues to get engaged and involved with your learning.

Degreed: Solvd Toolkit fan club

We’ve helped many clients stop their Degreed platform going south and set a course for success. Here is what Peter Riber from Novo Nordisk had to say:  

"We have not only launched Degreed. We have launched a whole new way of thinking and working with digital learning in Novo Nordisk. We could not have done this without Solvd."

We’re here to help

We’re on hand to assist with any aspect of the Toolkits, whether you need a small question answering, detailed guidance on how to implement the whole thing, or want to talk about something else entirely.

Let’s see how we can solve some problems together.

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