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Put people at the heart of learning - for behavioural change that lasts.

Transform your performance culture and propel success with a toolkit full of resources to create relevant, practical solutions through human-centred design.

Harness a smart process relevant to any department, subject area, or end-user group, and give learning the seat it deserves at the organisational table.

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  • enduring behavioural change, empowering your people to be and do better
  • proactive problem solving, creating helpful, useful solutions that engender trust and involvement
  • a respected voice in the company, so you can push boundaries (and budgets) and achieve more
  • inspirational performance improvement that’s catching, transforming your organisation’s culture for good

How it works

The 5Di Solvd: Toolkit is a trove of practical step-by-step resources that walk you through the 5Di process for human-centred design. There are six steps:


Identify the problem you’re solving, and nail down the metrics needed to check your solution has made an impact.


Connect with your target audience to discover what matters to them, the barriers they face, and the environment in which they operate.


Get creative with your stakeholders and audience, ideating a solution to solve the specific problem and integrate seamlessly with your audience’s environment.


Start by building a Minimum Lovable Product with fundamental features for testing, then refine and further shape it using feedback from your audience.


Launch your solution with a smart activation strategy featuring multi-channel marketing.


Seek feedback, assess, and improve your solution using the metrics set in Define.

The 5Di model

Workshop resources

Brand-customisable slide decks, handouts, activities, surveys, and templates, ready for you to pick up and run with.


User-friendly guides, checklists, top tips, and playbooks helping you navigate each step of the process; mega handy for beginners and pros alike.

Recommended tools

Links to and rationale behind additional tools and resources to help you design, activate, and measure your chosen solution.

Why 5Di?

It is just impossible to design learning effectively unless you understand what matters to people

Nick Shackleton-Jones

Want more?

We’re on hand to assist with any aspect of the Toolkit, whether you need a small question answering, or detailed guidance on how to implement the whole thing. We’re also here if you need help solving an entirely unique challenge.

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