Research and Strategy

We get to know your business, your people and the unique challenges you’re facing.

Our researchers apply product design expertise and explore people’s pain-points, environment and culture to gather the user insights that inform your learning design.

This allows us to design the best in-person and digital learning experiences that address your business problems and solve performance or behavioural challenges.

Our research lets you benchmark your solutions against the rest of the industry and create measurement approaches that assess their impact.

Solve what matters

Use business insights and data to support your stakeholders

Learning and Development teams are often regarded as learning order-takers: “make me a course.”

Stakeholders focus on content and completion stats because they regard learning activities as a quick fix – regardless of whether it makes a difference.  

At Solvd Together we align all our work to the problem we are trying to solve. We start all our projects with a problem statement that defines the outcomes in measurable terms, and then conduct research to find out what’s happening in the world of the people we are trying to help.

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Practical application of research

Consumer grade designs Informed by our research

Over the last few years, we've worked with one of the ‘Big Four’ professional services firms to research the graduate journey from school through to manager level. Our work informs the organisation's graduate attraction and retention strategy, and how the L&D team approach the design of learning solutions.  

At one of largest UK airports, one of the world’s oldest shipping companies, and Novo Nordisk, we’ve used research to create new internal and external brand identities for leadership development experiences, whole customer service departments and medical education programmes. Our insights have delivered clarity for employees and customers interacting with different L&D initiatives and company departments.  

We've also worked with a global FMCG organisation on Cyber Security to analyse what causes their employees to drop their guard and what it takes to remain vigilant. This has led to new communications and learning experience designs, that the organisation is rolling out globally.

Our research generates opportunities. We articulate the case for change in beautifully presented reports that motivate and inspire your stakeholders.

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How it works

Use market research methods to uncover the real challenges

Our research is a proactive approach to problem-solving for your business. Rather than waiting to be told what to focus on, we can help you take the initiative and lead senior stakeholders.

We have five main ways of conducting research: surveys, interviews, focus groups, ‘Customer Safaris’ and meta studies.  

Surveys: We design, deliver and analyse bespoke surveys with questions based on your problem statement.

Interviews: We manage and conduct interviews for a deeper dive conversation. Focus groups: These longer workshops are a great opportunity to get people together and explore ideas and concepts through discussion.

Customer Safaris: Known conventionally as ‘observational research’, we’ll spend time on site with the target audience to document their workflow and potential hidden challenges.

Meta studies: We provide benchmark data and trend analysis by reviewing trusted external sources. This layered approach uncovers your target audience's challenges and concerns, working culture, blockers, communications channels, respected colleagues, and existing solutions. The ‘Discovery phase’ helps us identify what, where and when problems occur so that we can recommend various learning solutions to address them.

Case studies

What else can we solve?

Of course, we’re always on hand to help. Explore our range of services or contact us to see how we can team up and create some amazing solutions – together.

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