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We do things that help you, your business and your audience get stuff done faster, better and with less stress and hassle


Learning and performance

Designing and developing blended learning, performance and change programmes that has real impact, requires real experience. We bring that in buckets and spades.

Learning technology

Why stick with cumbersome technology when all your users really want is stuff that works? We can help you select, develop or implement learning tech that is an aid not a hinderance.

Research and strategy

We partner with you to discover the right questions. We immerse ourselves in your world and provide you with a vision of what the future could look like.


Program delivery

Our team’s extensive experience in managing vendors and complex networks of stakeholders means we are experts at efficiently delivering in-person and digital solutions.

Capability development

The changes brought on by new technology and program design means that many learning professionals need new skills. Our process lets us assess your existing talent and helps them up-skill fast and efficiently and with a smile on their faces.

How we can help you


Learning and performance design

At Solvd we are not instructional designers: we are user experience designers, technology experts, and psychologists. Our approach therefore, is very different.

​We are guided by your business challenges and audience research in designing practical resources and guidance accessible on-demand, and immersive experiences that shift people's mindsets.

​This means our classroom events are characterized by real-life simulations, practice and challenging feedback. Our digital solutions are beautifully designed, easy to use and relevant in the context of your target population.

We're excited by what we can achieve together if you are prepared to let go of 'death by PowerPoint' and traditional Learning Management Systems that cause nothing but frustration and complexity.


Research and strategy

We work with you at every stage of your project to deliver smart insights and practical recommendations.

​In our process, the research phase is called Define and Discover and involves speaking to stakeholders and the target audience to understand the challenges, concerns and measurable outcomes for the project.

​The importance of this phase is regularly underestimated in the L&D world and by clients. The mindset of classical education leads some to think about learning as a 'chalk and talk' exercise, often referred to as 'sage on the stage'.  This, in turn, leads to projects being led by the question, 'what does this audience need to know to perform better?'

​This is the wrong question. Knowing and performance are not the same things. Furthermore, people make assumptions from their own experience and apply it to others. 

​Engage with us and we'll show you a whole new way of thinking about learning and performance.


Learning technology consultancy

If you attend one of the big L&D conferences, you'll be used to seeing rows of expectant learning technology vendors, all vying for your attention. It's easy to get seduced by the next new thing, especially if you are not 100% sure what you are looking for.

At Solvd Together, we start by working with your users, learning functions, comms and IT teams etc., to gather the requirements from everybody who should have a say. We then survey the market and arrange RFPs with only the best suited vendors. We can also develop and manage your test and pilot phases, and the practical implementation.

What's more, we're also experienced developers of bespoke solutions: portals, apps, intranet sites, and chatbot technologies. We make the whole process smooth and easy, advising on the pitfalls and identifying opportunities within your existing infrastructure.

​Technology won't solve anything on its own, so we also help our clients develop the capabilities needed to develop the best content or programs in their new technology


Program delivery

You are looking for experienced, reliable, hardworking and communicative support. Effective, reliable program management should be a given, but it's not always that simple.

​As experienced consultants, we have a track record of delivering global, million-dollar projects and much smaller ones where there isn't enough budget to go around. 

​Our flexibility comes through our application of both traditional and agile program management methods. We are capable of leading large teams in a 'waterfall' project and sprints involving technical squads of developers and graphic designers.

​Whatever your preference for how your programs are designed and delivered, we're the partner you can trust. We achieve remarkable results and alignment by applying a coaching philosophy of honesty, transparency and respect challenge. 


Capability analysis and development

People are your number one asset. They make the difference between success and failure. In many L&D organisations this has become even clearer since the introduction of new types of learning solutions, technology and development methods.  

The fact is, that many people with more traditional skillsets find it hard to switch to the more agile, technical and iterative intensive processes used today.


At Solvd Together we have created skills frameworks based on our years working with the latest technology and content development methodologies. We have borrowed from software development and from Marketing. This enables us to


1. Identify the key skills your organisation needs

2. Analyse and benchmark your capability against these skills

3. Create development programs that address the gaps.


​As always, we design with the audience - for the audience. This means that we deliver capability development that helps them feel more efficient, whilst you can see a positive impact on quality and output.


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