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Design learning experiences that solves real problems and which people actually learn from

Many L&D leaders find that employees aren’t engaging with their learning and development curriculums. They often cite this as a lack of ‘learning culture’ or ‘growth mindset’.

However, the truth is often simpler. Users don’t engage with learning and development offers that aren’t useful, relevant or engaging.

One size does not fit all when itcomes to learning. So, our unique learning experiences are built on ahuman-centred 5Di learning design approach, helping individuals thrive whilstsolving real business problems.

Deliver value to the business

Solve what matters to the audience

Learning and Development teams are often regarded as learning order-takers: “make me a course.” Stakeholders focus on content and completion stats because they regard learning activities as a quick fix – regardless of whether it makes a difference.  

At Solvd Together we align all our work to the problem we are trying to solve. We start all our projects with a problem statement that defines the outcomes in measurable terms, and then conduct research to find out what’s happening in the world of the people we are trying to help.

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Consumer-grade expectations

Deliver memorable experiences that exceeds user expectations.

Our reputation and client relationships are based on the quality of our work. We don’t churn out content or provide purely ‘off-the-shelf’ modules. Instead, we become part of your extended team, get immersed in your culture, and empathise with your people and the challenges they face.  

Our industry experience across sector and service, allows us to cross-pollinate ideas and bring a fresh perspective on your L&D offer. We create consumer-grade flagship products and services that shows leaders the art of the possible and sets the standard in terms of quality.

For us, ‘consumer-grade’ is about creating experiences that people would pay for such as brand activation events, immersive theatre, and seamless digital experiences. Our diverse mix of psychology, marketing, brand, and L&D expertise offers you an injection of innovation, creativity and impact.

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Outcome-driven design

Deliver results, not training

Employee perception of L&D is often very poor. It’s regarded as a checkbox exercise and something that gets in the way of delivering value to the business. L&D leaders struggle to articulate the value of learning and development and fight to attract participants to their programmes. This is in part due to how learning is designed.

Traditional Instructional Design is based on a computerised model of the human brain. Content is ‘scaffolded’ in a modular, logical series intended to build an architecture of knowledge. The theory is that this is how people progress from beginners to experts. This is in fact, an ineffectual and wasteful approach because it’s not how people learn.

At Solvd, we focus on outcomes and behaviour, in other words: what problem does the business want solved, and how does it know it’s a problem? With a clearly defined problem statement and research that reveals the challenges and concerns of the target audience we design and deliver an environment that fosters change. Learning is an important part of the solution and is considered as a part of a bigger ecosystem of the employee experience.

How it works

Fully understand who and what challenges you design for

Solvd Together is a world leader in applying human-centred design to learning and development. Our decade of experience with the 5Di model of learning design means we’re regularly asked by clients to support their teams in delivering an innovative approach. We work best when we can start at the beginning – supporting you to define the problem statement with your stakeholders. Then our research, design and delivery expertise can achieve the greatest impact as a collaborative member of your extended team.

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What else can we solve?

Of course, we’re always on hand to help. Explore our range of services or contact us to see how we can team up and create some amazing solutions – together.

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