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Solve the real problems, not just the perceived challenges

Your choice of learning technology can be an enabler or a blocker to your learning strategy. On the one hand, providing people with relevant and meaningful support at point of need, and on the other, a frustrating digital experience that gets in the way of employees finding the development they need.

But technology is just a tool. At Solvd we regularly come across companies struggling to see the return on their investment. Without research, clear use cases, communication, and leadership sponsorship learning tech becomes a digital ‘ghost town’ with limited appeal.

At Solvd, we work with global brands through two types of Learning Technology projects. Bespoke solutions, where we work with you to understand your challenges to select or build the right technology, and Degreed LXP implementations, where our deep technical knowledge and pre-made toolkits speed up your launch and user adoption.


When your challenge is defined, but the standard systems do not work

Your users have consumer-grade expectations of learning platforms and digital experiences. In essence, your competition is beautifully designed, interactive, and user-friendly Apps and websites. So, to be successful, you have to match these expectations.

There are many flavours of learning technology. Your typical LMS, LXP or CMS is designed to solve different problems, and each offers a variation of user experience, data management, and content design.

Although we’ve worked on a number of Degreed LXP projects over the years, Solvd Together is technology agnostic. In other words, you can be sure we’re giving you honest advice based on your organisation’s needs.

Instead, we help clients build and implement bespoke solutions when their challenges can be identified, but the typical market solutions do not solve the problems.

Human-centred design

The process we apply to system design

We take the same approach to learning system design as we do any challenge – with an individualised, outcome-focused, end-user-led approach that starts with research. ​

This means working with your organisation to define the outcomes the solution needs to deliver. For example, are we changing behaviours or the culture, training or supporting users, and what infrastructure does the solution have to work with, etc? We also analyse how to integrate the solution in their existing tech stacks to comply with security policies.​

We then consult the users to discover what they want and why, how it will solve their problems, and how they wish to access it. We do this using the approach we described on our research methodologies page.

​Once we have defined the challenges, we design and build a custom solution with our system partners—for example, Tui Media, or Finer Vision.

More than just turning it on

To avoid the mistake of seeing the launch of a new platform as the project's conclusion, we call the launch date day one. ​

For a successful user adoption, you need two things. A well-planned and executed engagement campaign and good quality content that solves your users' real problems.​

Practically the preparation for day one starts months earlier, where we keep senior stakeholders up to date, train the content creators on how to build relevant content optimised for the platform, and when we plan how to help users and managers understand how the new solution will make their lives easier.​

How it works

Over the last few years, our approach has helped companies avoid expensive mistakes and select or build the right platforms for their organisation, users, and specific challenges. ​

We've created platforms from the ground up. Several of our clients have needed online homes for flagship programs that merged flipped video-based blended classroom approaches with easy creation of performance support.​

We've created platforms from the ground up. Several of our clients have needed online homes for flagship programs that merged flipped video-based blended classroom approaches with easy creation of performance support.

​We've created the customisable 360 feedback and design platform Perspectives, where users provide and receive anonymised feedback on their development areas. The data is used directly in designing and delivering bespoke classroom sessions and in providing customised performance support content.

We have created a bespoke Crafts and Guilds platform that seamlessly merges into an existing CMS, allowing the organisation to update the content their users use to align and direct their development with the organisation's needs.


When you know your system but not how to succeed fast.

For those of our clients who have already selected Degreed as their LXP, we offer a unique implementation service. It covers everything from the technical analysis and integration with your existing learning and IT stack to stakeholder and project management, building launch or flagship content, and executing a winning launch and engagement strategy.

To help us do this fast, we have the ready-made, customisable toolkits "Degreed for everyone" and "Degreed for managers". We also have "Degreed for creators" which covers everything your organisation and designers need to create and publish great user-centric solutions optimised for both the user experience and Degreed.  

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What else can we solve?

Of course, we’re always on hand to help. Explore our range of services or contact us to see how we can team up and create some amazing solutions – together.

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