Before we started Solvd Together, we’ve each worked with some great clients over the years. Here are a few of the projects that stand out. 

BP Digital Leadership Suite

Supporting leaders at point-of-need in the oil and gas industry

The challenge

Our client understood that struggling leaders can have a significant negative impact on the organisation. Before our engagement a residential classroom training course was periodically provided for leaders. Some leaders had to wait up to 12 months to get the help and guidance they needed. For some, that was too late and we were tasked with creating a digital leadership offer that would be available to all leaders anytime, anywhere.

What we did

We conducted intensive user research to ensure that we understood the needs, preferences and challenges faced by transitioning leaders. Once we understood our users we created a full digital transitional offer for leaders that included two rich media portals and a native app. These were full of practical advice, tips, and checklists designed to help people going through leadership transitions and were available to all employees.

The First Level Leader portal focused on tactical advice for those who were new to leadership. The Senior Level Leader portal contained material to help experienced leaders think and lead more strategically. The native leadership app also delivered ‘just in time’ guidance as well as an innovative feature that allowed leaders to quickly and easily get to know their team and request feedback.


The suite of digital products proved to be very popular with leaders and were presented to Executive Team by the HR Director. Since launch, over 25,000 unique users visited the portals, generating over 150,000-page impressions. The app was downloaded over 5000 times.

IATA Innovation Program

Leading the aviation industry into a 'VUCA' future

The challenge

Reacting to disruption in the aviation sector our client asked us to develop a way to energise leaders to think more innovatively. In addition, through our research we identified a culture of siloed thinking and a need to garner the support of the executive team.

What we did

We worked with the client and key stakeholders over a number of workshops to design an end to end innovation programme. It was built around the concept of Design Thinking and culminated in a pitch by each team to executive team members and local innovation experts.

The outcome

Over a number of cohorts individuals and teams generated tangible ideas some of which were taken forward by the organisation and developed further. This represented a step change in the mindset of leaders at IATA and the client used our work as the benchmark for all other L&D programmes.

“Whenever we were designing a learning program it was focused on being clear about the learner experience. From there we have been able to design some great learning experiences which deliver real tangible value to the business” ~ Director of Learning and Development

 Financial Services Learning Provider

Deploying a technology led finance training solution

The challenge

Our client,  Financial Services Learning Provider, an established financial sector training organisation delivering programs world-wide, needed to reinvent their delivery approach to better suit their clients, facilitators, and their business model.


What we did

Over a short time period, we worked closely with stakeholders ranging from internal and external trainers, course developers, learning operations, and senior management including the CLO and CEO, on selecting and implementing a new Learning Experience Platform.

Our approach took into account not only the typical aspects of learning, content and user management requirements but also the company's corporate culture and crucially the changes required to beat their competition and enter a marked leading position. This also led to changes in their delivery and sales strategies, two aspects that we addressed with new processes and workshops.


Based on the Solvd consultative approach, we rapidly worked through a requirements phase, followed by very detailed RFI and RFP phases. This let us narrow the search from six to two potential technologies that we tested. We selected one technology and developed a full pilot course. This allowed us to fully test the portal, train the users and implement new design and development process. After the full vendor contract was signed, the pilot program became the first blended project to be delivered to one of their clients.


The structured approach helped us quickly develop a full overview of a complex problem situation. This allowed us to focus on the core requirements and rapidly create a solution that successfully addressed the changes to technology, capability, and process.

After we had completed the project, the CLO said "Morten helped us define our business requirements, select the right technology to support our goals and implement our first solution - all within a very tight turnaround time.  His wealth of experience, focus, and flexibility has enabled us to evolve our offer and win new business".  

Virtual Leadership Development

Reducing cost and raising graduation rates at a multinational oil company

The challenge

The client had an existing safety leadership programme where attendance and project completion rates were declining. To compound matters, the oil price more or less halved overnight resulting in dramatic cutbacks in funding for learning and development. The primarily in-person classroom experience was delivered by expensive third-parties and required a great deal of travel for participants.

What we did

We identified an opportunity to enhance the participant experience and programme ROI, by fostering more social learning and collaboration. We developed a new blended approach where the participants used the knowledge gained from online classroom sessions and mentoring with technical experts, to solve business-critical problems.

Core to the delivery was an online portal that contained the resources the participants needed to address the business challenges. They were also assigned to a peer group where they networked and shared the solutions they developed. The end of the programme was marked with an online graduation event co-hosted by the Safety and Operational Risk Academy, several VPs and the Senior University professors.

The outcome

40 action learning projects greatly improved safety across the organisation. It generated more than $10 million in business benefits and the graduation rate increased from 60% to 95%.

The approach saved more than 400+ travel days, flights and hotel cost per 40-person cohort. The program-specific knowledge was shared much wider because the delegates involved peers and local teams in their problem-solving.

Currys/PC World Sales Training

Competitive selling in tech

The challenge

Dixons (PC World and Currys) depend on knowledgeable staff who can deliver a great customer experience. As is the case in many retail environments, there is relatively high staff turnover in stores, and each time someone leaves, valuable expertise is lost. We were engaged to increase sales by sharing best practice with their sales colleagues. Dixons had already tried traditional eLearning and face to face sales training. They found that these approaches took too long, were too expensive and weren’t practical enough, so staff tended to forget what they’d learned.

What we did

We set out to increase sales by capturing the top salespeople's product pitches on video, then shared them with colleagues. The next step was to incentivise staff to take part voluntarily. We harnessed their natural competitiveness by creating an initial set of videos with one of the presenters from the ‘Gadget Show’ for a selection of targeted products.

We then challenged the entire workforce to see if they could do better: 'create a video demonstrating your product pitch', and the top 10 submissions would each win the featured product. This was based on 'views', 'likes' and the decision of a judging panel. To enable this, we installed a social learning platform to allow staff to upload, share, comment on and 'like' content - much like YouTube. This approach was highly suited to the audience who were young and tech-savvy.


The uptake of the competition was high, with over 400 user submissions from the four pilot stores. Sales in the targeted product lines improved, leading to a 31% increase in profitability over the peak Christmas season vs the ‘control’ products. Dixons signed up for a 3-year enterprise-wide deal to use the social learning platform.

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